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What are the grounds for seeking a divorce?

You can get divorced if you have been married for one year. The only “ground” for divorce is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

You can apply for a divorce singly, in which case you will be known as the applicant, and your ex-partner known as the respondent, or you can apply for divorce jointly in which case you will both be known as applicants.  You can find out more about ‘no-fault’ divorce here.

In a sole application, the respondent is not able to dispute that the marriage has broken down and can only dispute the application because:

  • They dispute the jurisdiction of the court in England and Wales to conduct the proceedings. For example, where neither party lives in or has any other connection with England and Wales;
  • They dispute the validity of the marriage or civil partnership. For example, if the parties have not entered into a legally valid marriage;
  • The marriage or civil partnership has already been legally ended. For example, if the marriage has already been brought to an end in proceedings outside of England and Wales.
  • It will also be possible to challenge proceedings for reasons such as fraud and procedural

Usually, you do not need to appear in court personally to get a divorce.

You can apply for your divorce online here :

Or the office at your local County Court, who will have the necessary forms to complete.

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