Helping Friends/Family Through Divorce

When a friend or family member is going through a divorce or separation you can play an important part in helping them through.  

They may be looking to you for advice or opinion, and at times it will be hard not to take sides or get drawn into the conflict your friend or relative may be experiencing. 

Whatever you might think about your friend’s or family member’s ex-partner, remember that they are still the parent of the children who are caught in the middle of things. The best advice you can give is that they contact a local National Family Mediation mediator who will be able to guide your friend or family member through the emotional and practical upheaval that happens when family relationships break down. 

If your friend or family member asks for your advice, assure them that, with guidance through family mediation, they can and will make the decision that is right for their situation.   You may also want to share with them this ‘Guide to Divorce & Separation’, which contains insights, advice and some practical steps needed to handle both the legal and emotional aspects of divorce or separation.

You might also want to help find support services that they will be able to access or ask others who have been in a similar situation to recommend professionals whom they have found helpful, respectful and impartial. 

Our trained family mediators will be able to help your friend or relative resolve issues like:

  • How the children will maintain contact with their parents
  • Where the children are going to live
  • How the family is going to support themselves financially
  • How the children will maintain their schooling, friends and social life
  • How the parents will look after themselves so that their children can be supported through the family changes.

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