The Gold Standard - National Family Mediation

The Gold Standard

When you choose a family mediator you need to feel sure that you will receive a highly professional service in every aspect.  All our mediators are fully qualified and accredited by the Family Mediation Council (FMC) and the Legal Aid Agency (LAA).  This accreditation is the ‘gold standard’ for family mediation. 

Our mediators all have professional qualifications and experience in relevant disciplines, such as law, social work, human relations, banking or counselling prior to training as a mediator.

Our mediators are qualified to involve children in mediation, where it is appropriate to do so, and they have considerable financial know-how, to help you settle money issues.

The route to mediator accreditation is: 

  • Traineeship in an NFM member service, observing experienced mediators 
  • Attendance at a 9-day core training programme 
  • Documenting casework in a portfolio, with recommendations from practice consultant and co-workers. 
  • Co-working as a trainee with experienced mediators 
  • Regular monthly supervision with a professional practice consultant 
  • Leading cases, supported and co-worked with an experienced mediator 

This process normally takes around two years from appointment as a trainee.  NFM mediators’ training and apprenticeship enables them to help people discuss and decide a wide range of issues, including children’s arrangements, how to manage finances and deciding on the division of assets. 

All NFM mediators receive regular supervision with a Professional Practice Consultant and complete continuing professional development training with NFM (or other authorised body) as a condition of their continued membership of National Family Mediation. 

You can have confidence if you choose an NFM member service that you will be working with a highly trained and qualified mediator, who has the ability, knowledge and skills that you will require to help you decide your future.