About Us

National Family Mediation was established in 1982 and is the largest provider of family mediation in England and Wales. We are one of the founding members of the Family Mediation Council, the body which regulates the standards of practice in family mediation.

We help families resolve all the practical, legal, emotional and financial issues that arise from separation or divorce, helping families make long-lasting arrangements that benefit everyone in the family, especially their children.

We have a network of affiliated members, each of which is a not-for-profit family mediation provider. Collectively we deliver family mediation in over 500 locations across England and Wales, delivering some 16,000 mediations per year. To find your local service call 0300 4000 636 or email [email protected] or use your postcode here.

Mediation reduces the conflict in separation, divorce or dissolution of civil partnership and helps you to turn your arguments into agreements. Our family mediation service is proven to reduce the conflict in separation, helping families avoid lengthy and costly court battles, providing a cheaper, quicker and less stressful route than traditional legal remedies.

Mediation is NOT about keeping couples together. Instead, it aims to help empower them to make the right long-term solutions when they have decided to separate or divorce. Watch our video about mediation here.

Our style of mediation gives you time to express yourself, and we approach your emotions and upset in a highly sensitive way.

  • Our mediators will not rush you to a solution, or look to make a hasty arrangement.
  • They focus on ensuring the outcome is truly what both parties believe is best in the circumstances.
  • We offer online information to provide a starting point and pathway for those navigating the separation journey
  • We deliver support services that complement the family mediation process, to all family members affected by family breakdown

All our family mediators are professionals with a wealth of skills and experience in family mediation and conflict resolution. They deliver family mediation at the highest accredited standard and all mediators are qualified to provide legally aided family mediation on behalf of the Legal Aid Agency.

Below you can read some of the feedback we have received from people who have used our services…

“Our mediator created a very good atmosphere and had a sense of humour and a light touch which really helped”

“The mediator was very fair about the way the sessions were held. He gave us both the opportunity to talk and explain our situation, and also to speak to each other in a calm and safe place”.

“I’ll be certain to recommend the service due to its benefits i.e. better communication with my ex-partner during mediation, sorting out some of the issues brought to mediation, and definitely less costly than going to court”.

“The mediator really helped us to communicate and avoid discussions falling into arguments”.

“I found the staff great, they listened and understood our situation well. It was really helpful and gave me useful information which helped dramatically in making the right decision about what to do next in the process. The service assisted in me seeing my children, after not seeing them for more than nine months”.

Find out more about family mediation here or in our FAQ help section or book an appointment with one of our expert mediators near you.

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