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About Us

National Family Mediation is the largest provider of family mediation in England and Wales.

We have a network of dozens of affiliated members, each of which is a not-for-profit family mediation provider. Collectively we deliver family mediation in over 500 locations across England and Wales, delivering some 16,000 mediations per year. To find your local service call 0300 4000 636 or email trainingsupport@nfm.org.uk or use your postcode here

Mediation reduces the conflict in separation, divorce or dissolution of civil partnership. It is also more cost-effective and quicker than using lawyers to negotiate, or using the court process. It also enables people to make their own arrangements for children, property and finance. Our mediators are trained in all aspects of family law.

Mediation is NOT about keeping couples together. Instead it aims to help empower them to make the right long-term solutions when they have decided to separate or divorce. Watch a video about mediation here.

Here’s a small selection of feedback from people who have used our services…

  • “Our mediator created a very good atmosphere and had a sense of humour and a light touch which really helped”
  • “The mediator was very fair about the way the sessions were held. He gave us both the opportunity to talk an explain our situation and also to speak to each other in a calm and safe place”.
  • “Certain to recommend the service due to benefits i.e. better communication with ex-partner during mediation, sorting out some of the issues brought to mediation, definitely less costly than going to court”.
  • “The mediator really helped us to communicate and avoid discussions falling into arguments”.
  • “I found staff all great, plus they listened and our understood situation well. It was really helpful and gave me useful information which helped dramatically in making the right decision about what to do next in the process. The service assisted in me seeing my children, after not seeing them for more than nine months”.

National Family Mediation works to help resolve conflict and reach agreement on all issues surrounding separation, divorce or dissolution of civil partnership in couple and family disputes. National Family Mediation:

  • Offers online information to provide a starting point and pathway for those navigating the separation journey
  • Delivers family mediation to couples and families in dispute to produce better outcomes
  • Delivers support services which compliment the family mediation process, to all family members affected by family breakdown
  • Promotes a culture where it is normal to seek help when relationships breakdown

National Family Mediation does not provide legal advice or services.

National Family Mediation (NFM) provides the following services to its members, as an umbrella organisation:

  • Brand Benefits: Manage the reputation of the NFM Brand which provides both national and local benefits to National Family Mediation Member Services in supporting Clients and working with funders.
  • Member Service Support: Telephone and e-mail support for Member Managers signposting them to existing resources and referral of cases to senior management team with specific areas of expertise
  • Professional Practice Committee Support: To deal with complex clinical, ethical and legal cases
  • Faciliate Regional Groups: Managers and Supervisors to discuss the application of policies to practice in groups, to share good practice, hear about new developments, consult on new innovations, disseminate advice on changes in the external environment and within the field of relationship support.
  • Expert advice and mentoring in all NFM Member Services: Expert advice in the development and delivery of services and application of policy and Practice in all National Family Mediation Member Services and pilots.
  • NFM Extra: Good practice guidance, information and dissemination through the intranet
  • Specific legal and HR advice and support: Advice and engagement in complex and protracted cases. For the avoidance of doubt, legal fees and associated costs incurred in pursuing a case on behalf of a National Family Mediation Member Service will be subject to recharge to the National Family Mediation Member Service and such charges shall not form part of the Affiliation Fee.
  • CPD programmes for Practitioners: Opportunity for practitioners to improve skills and competencies in e.g. children and young people’s services, equality and diversity, domestic violence and abuse and theoretical models.
  • Accredited training courses for Practitioners: Number of validated accredited courses to equip Practitioners in a range of services.
  • Research: Where relevant, led by the National Family Mediation with input from the network of Member Service
  • Annual conferences: For National Family Mediation to conduct its formal business and bring together the Network of Member Services to disseminate best practice and discuss innovations
  • Marketing: National Family Mediation manages national press around the Brand, both issuing of press releases and managing media messages in the news. National Family Mediation is also responsible for website development and design and the design and supply of literature and marketing materials.
  • Public policy: National Family Mediation works closely with Government on issues of public policy in England which impact on how clients access services and how services are funded.

Please note that supply of some of these products, materials and services may be subject to recharge and any such charge shall not form part of the Membership Fee.