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Hosts & Guests – Developing Communication & Relationships

We all know the challenges the Ukrainians are facing and for many, their only option has been to flee their homes and their families to find safety.

Many families both British and Ukrainian have generously stepped forward to offer homes to Ukrainians as hosts to those in need. Having negotiated the difficulties of visas and travel and once the dust settles from the upheaval, families are now dealing with the reality of sharing their homes and spaces. Living with anyone is not easy at the best of times and most things have to be negotiated so that a comfortable compromise for peaceful coexistence can emerge. Add into the mix language barriers, cultural differences, new family constructs and financial pressures and there is a recipe for those well-intentioned actions to quickly deteriorate as communication problems prevent the growth of understanding and mutual support.

Neither side of this equation wants their hard work in building this new relationship to break down but there will be inevitable stresses and strains along the way. Being unable to communicate is likely to be the biggest cause of tension and will fuel what might otherwise be simple problems that can be resolved amicably.

As the largest family mediation provider in England and Wales NFM understands only too well the benefit good communication and agreement can bring to any relationship. That is why National Family Mediation and the Association for Family Mediators of Ukraine have come together to offer a confidential service to Ukrainians and their hosts, through Refugee Host Support’s ‘Partner Plan’.

What We Offer

If you are a host or a Ukrainian guest and feel that you may need a hand in communication, or even think that living together was a mistake, then NFM has teamed up with 4 Ukrainian mediators who can provide mediation to any household with issues, however large or small, where communication is a barrier that is creating conflict.  

Both the host and the guest family will be able to have a separate meeting with a mediator to discuss the situation openly, followed by a meeting together, hosted by the Ukrainian mediator, who will work with the families to resolve communication problems and allow them to develop guidelines and next steps to resolve the conflict situation.

The service is provided by experienced Ukrainian mediators who are familiar with the language and cultural nuances of both parties involved and who will be able to translate the discussions to facilitate reaching a resolution. All our Ukrainian mediators have been guests themselves and have first-hand experience of sharing a host family’s home.

Additionally, National Family Mediation will provide workshops for hosts and guests, offering preventative guidance and advice. This proactive approach can help prevent conflicts from escalating and can provide hosts and guests with valuable tools for effective communication and conflict resolution.

To request mediation through Refugee Host Support’s Partner Plan please complete the short form below, please remember to include your Membership ID and a member of the team will be in touch with you soon.  If your local authority is not currently a Partner Plan member, then please reach out to RHS for further guidance and assistance.  

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