Welcome to our Schools Training Resource

This resource is aimed at members of school staff who liaise between school and home. However, the contents will be informative for all staff. 

The resource aims to raise your awareness of how conflict, as a result of family breakdown, can impact a child at home but also at school. It also aims to give you a greater understanding of how school and home can best support the child

NFM also offer free 40-minute sessions for Teachers and Support Staff to make them aware of the benefits of Mediation and to help them raise discussions with parents. Attendees will also learn more about Child Inclusive Mediation and the benefits that come with allowing the child(ren) to be heard.  If you would like to organise a session for you or your school please email us.

Our training resource contains information, practical suggestions and useful comments from Family Mediators who have first-hand experience of working with parents and children as home life breaks down.

The resource in each section consists of videos, documents for you to read and links to external resources we think you will find helpful.

Section 1 – What happens as a family breaks down and how it impacts a child.

Section 2 – Behaviours and attitudes a child might show at home and at school

Section 3 – Practical ways to communicate with the child

Section 4 – How Schools and Family Mediation can help

How Can Family Mediation Help?

Other Helpful Resources 

If you require more information on Family Mediation, or would like to refer a parent to our services please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch as soon as we can.