Mediation Info for Organisations

If you are working with families and parents it is likely that you will come across families where communication and conflict are affecting their ability to work together constructively to settle their differences.

It can be difficult to find additional services that would help you focus on your area of concern and expertise and the barriers to achieving successful and lasting outcomes for your parents and families can be elusive.

Whether you are :

  • a teacher struggling to support a child in their learning
  • a family support worker
  • social worker
  • health care professional
  • Family Hub
  • Or a Cafcass officer trying to support a family to prevent harm and create lasting change.

You might be a family solicitor caught in the litigation revolving door caused by adult conflicts that make it impossible to achieve settlement.

Did you know family mediation can help? You can read more about family mediation here. In a nutshell, mediation is a process that brings together the conflicted parents and works through the issues that are preventing them from reaching agreement. We help to turn their arguments into agreements so they can move on with their lives.

With 40 years experience of working exclusively in the field of family mediation and relationship breakdown we are experts in our field and have the knowledge skills and experience to help even the most entrenched conflicts and problems.

If you think a family or parent would benefit from a meeting with a mediator you can make a referral on their behalf using this link.

We have produced some leaflets which explain how family mediation can help. These can be downloaded or you can order hard copies of these here.

If you are worried about costs and charges it may be that mediation is free. NFM can provide access to legal aid for those on a low income and there is a £500 contribution towards the cost of mediation available through the Ministry of Justice voucher scheme.

For Parents

Divorce and separation is a difficult time in anyone’s life. You may be the one leaving a relationship or the one left behind either way there will be many practical, financial, legal and emotional issues you need to settle to be able to move on with your life.

Family mediation can help you sort out all of the problems you are facing. You can find out more about family mediation here.

Why not arrange a meeting with a mediator and book an appointment here

You can also get additional support from a number of organisations if you follow the links on our useful organisations page.