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Money Introduction

When you decide to separate or divorce, some of the big challenges you face revolve around money.

Many separating couples find it difficult to know where to start when it comes to supporting themselves and their children financially, having previously managed money on a joint basis.

Family mediation can help you make agreements over money, helping you move on to the next stage of your life.

And if you are on a low income then you may qualify for legal aid to cover your mediation costs.

It’s fair to say that when a relationship breaks down the initial reaction is emotional, whether you are happy the relationship is over or devastated it has happened. But in the immediate aftermath, the underlying question for almost anyone who is separating is “will I have enough to live on”.

Here we have pulled together some information and advice on the financial impact of divorce or separation that may help.

Below is a short video where you can see how family mediation helped Martin and Steven come to an amicable arrangement over property and pensions when their civil partnership broke down. And from Brenda and her husband who divorced using mediation, and still live in the same house.