Recommendations, Reviews & Case studies

Here are some comments from clients who have used our service:

Our family mediation service

  • ‘It was a little upsetting at first but without it (mediation) we wouldn’t have sorted out our issues so easily.’
  • ‘The difficult discussions of splitting finance and property did not end up being the trauma I had anticipated … it has been less stressful, more speedy and so much less expensive, all due to the marvellous help of family mediation.’
  • ‘Mediation helped to resolve our differences in a calm and dignified manner.’
  • ‘We didn’t completely resolve all our issues during mediation, but we worked out enough of a solution to be able to see it through on our own.’

Child-inclusive mediation

Children said:

  • ‘It helped me to say how I felt about my Dad’
  • ‘It helped me to see things a bit differently, I thought about solutions rather than just seeing problems’
  • ‘I felt it was a good experience because it made it clear as to what would happen’

Parents said:

  • ‘Without this service my children would not be seeing their Dad. Now they are happy and we are friends’
  • ‘It was helpful to find out what my daughter liked and didn’t like about our separation. I don’t think I would have ever known about these otherwise’

Case studies

Below are some case studies from our network for professional mediators, highlighting in more detail how mediation has helped families going through divorce or separation. 

Read more to learn how family mediation helped these families move on to the next phase of their lives, whilst enabling the children to maintain vital relationships with both parents.

Bryony and Tom – parenting arrangements
Maria and Levi – money, property & parenting arrangements
Tyler and Abi – parenting arrangements
Sandy, Trude and Evie – Grandparents
Karen and Stephen – Domestic Violence