DNA Paternity, Drug & Alcohol Testing

NFM is partnered with DNA worldwide to provide low-cost DNA, Drug & Alcohol testing.

DNA Paternity Testing

Why do I need DNA testing?

Sometimes when a relationship ends, or even during a relationship, question marks are raised about the paternity of a child. These can sow the nagging seeds of doubt of; Is this child mine?

If paternity is disputed following divorce or separation it may be a key issue in court proceedings, or when an application for child maintenance is made. In court proceedings, a DNA test can be ordered.

A DNA test in these circumstances will ascertain the true paternity of the child and solve the issue in dispute.

The test is a simple saliva swab test of both father and child and is analysed by our partner DNA worldwide. They are a regulated and approved testing laboratory with expertise in this field of testing.

For more information about DNA testing read our downloadable brochure.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Making arrangements for your children to have contact with a parent or family member can be made more complicated if there are concerns about that person’s drug and/or alcohol use.

You may have concerns that the children will not be cared for adequately or that they are at risk from the drug-taking activities.

It is often disputed in mediation, or in court, that drug and alcohol is a factor affecting decision making for the children where one parent claims drug and alcohol use is still very present in the other parent’s life, whereas the other parent denies continued drug use but has no way to prove it.

A drug and alcohol test can help settle these disputes and can help satisfy that drugs are no longer present, or help both parents manage how and when the children can safely visit their parent.

For more information about Drug and Alcohol testing read our downloadable brochures below :

View Brochure on Drug Testing

View Brochure on Alcohol Testing