Info for Children

It’s tough when your parents separate and many young people find it difficult to talk to their parents at this time. But there are a lot of questions. Where will we live? When will I see my mum/dad? Will I still see my friends? What if we have to move? What about school?

It’s good to find someone else to talk to – like a grandparent, a teacher or a family friend.

You can also encourage your parents to try family mediation so at least they will start to talk sensibly about the changes they need to make so you can all go on living and stop arguing.

Family mediation can help your parents agree on important things affecting you, like who you’ll live with, and what arrangements there will be for you to spend time with your other parent. You can read more about family mediation here. 

In family mediation, your parents will discuss what life will be like after they separate. That will involve talking about you, where you will live and how you will spend time with both of them. They may ask you what you think and it is fine to tell them exactly what you feel.  

Sometimes parents might ask you to be involved in the family mediation discussions. It’s called child-inclusive mediation and you can read more about it here. If your parents are in mediation ask to be included. It will give you a chance to share your concerns about the future and help them to make decisions knowing how you feel about the changes.

You can watch the video below of Tom’s experience of being included in mediation

Our experience shows most parents still want the best for their children even though their relationship has ended and NFM mediators are experts at helping you get your voice heard and understood. 

Here you can read the answers to some of the frequently asked questions our mediators are asked which may also help.

Remember – Things will get better

Parents rarely stay angry with each other forever and family mediation will help them move on with their lives as separated parents. 

If you want to know more about how family mediation can help people who are separating click here.