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What is the divorce process?

You can get divorced if you have been married for one year. The Divorce Dissolution and Separation Act April 2022 introduces “no-fault” divorce which means the only ground for divorce is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. You will need to provide a statement to that effect.  You can read more about ‘no-fault’ divorce here. 

Most applications for divorce will now be made online although in some circumstances there is still the ability to file a paper application. Click here to access the divorce application process.

You will need to decide if you want to make a joint application with your ex-husband or wife or if you want to apply on your own.

It will take around 6 months to get a divorce and the cost of applying for a divorce is £593.

Once your application has been accepted by the court you can apply for a conditional order after 20 weeks. The purpose of this break period is to allow couples to put in place arrangements for the children and to make financial arrangements following separation.

You may need support discussing how you are going to work together as parents and how you will separate your finances. Mediation can help you to do this.

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At the end of 20 weeks, you can then apply for a final order. The court will grant the final order after 6 weeks.

Usually, you do not need to appear in court personally to get a divorce and you would not have to appear in court if you have reached an agreement about your children and your finances.