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What happens to pets during divorce or separation?

Pets and Divorce.

If you and your partner are separating and you both want to keep your pet, it’s important to first try to come to a mutual agreement. This is sometimes easier said than done and is why family mediation can be an invaluable resource for couples who are divorcing or separating. Family mediation provides an impartial and confidential space for couples to come together and discuss their options and reach an agreement on who will take ownership of the pet.

We also know that some people who are experiencing domestic violence fear what may happen to their pet if they leave it behind, as many refuges can’t accept pets. There are a variety of organisations that offer free and confidential temporary care for pets, for example, the Dogs Trust Freedom Project, and Refuge4Pets.

If you would like to try and reach agreement with your ex on arrangements for your pet read our advice page.