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Sharing family mediation best practice across three nations

Scores of family mediators from the UK, USA and Ukraine joined an innovative online free training event.

‘Financial issues in family mediation’ involved three live role-play scenarios in which mediators worked with separating couples to resolve financial issues.

The 10 June event enabled the sharing of best practice by professionals from The Mediation Association of Colorado, USA, National Family Mediation, UK, Association for Family Mediators of Ukraine, and National Association of Mediators of Ukraine.

“It’s always fascinating to watch other professionals work, because we can learn so much about techniques that might be adopted in our own practice,” said Jane Robey, CEO of National Family Mediation, which arranged attendance from UK delegates.

“This event was thought-provoking, and it successfully generated discussions and networking between practitioners about a range of issues, including children’s involvement in family mediation.

“By enabling delegates to see differing approaches in three different countries, the event provided an unusual and most welcome CPD opportunity.”