Separated Parents’ Information Programme

The Separated Parent Information Programme (SPIP) is a course designed to help you learn more about the challenges of post-separation parenting. It is usually available to parents going through the court process.

National Family Mediation is commissioned by Cafcass to deliver the programme, which is four hours long and is delivered either online or in a group setting. If you would like to attend the  programme contact us at

What is SPIP (Separated Parents’ Information Programme)?

Watch a short video about the Separated Parents Information Programme

The SPIP is designed to help you learn more about the challenges of post-separation parenting. The SPIP provides advice and guidance about how best to help yourself and help your children in your situation. This programme is offered to parents who are currently applying to the courts for contact. Most parents who go on the programme say they find it very helpful.

If you wish to apply privately without going through the court, you can contact the SPIP administrator by email: or by calling 0300 4000 636.

Who else will be there?

The programme is attended by other parents all of whom are going through divorce or separation. The group can be up to 12 parents and is usually a mix of mothers and fathers.

How much does the SPIP cost?

It is free of charge if you are referred by a family court. If not, please contact us to be advised of the fee.

How long does it last?

The course programme lasts four hours, with a short break in the middle.

Who will deliver the programme?

The programme is delivered by qualified trainers. They understand both the potential legal consequences of family breakdown and the complex and diverse emotional needs of families at this time.

What does the SPIP cover?

The programme broadly focuses on three key areas:

• The legal, financial and emotional process you will be experiencing
• Understanding more about how your children may be responding to your separation or divorce
• Improving communication with your ex-partner to help you with your future parenting

The SPIP can be a good foundation for family mediation as you look to make agreements about things like parenting, property and money, and we will be happy to discuss this with you. You can find out more information about mediation here, or call us on 0300 4000 636.

What happens after?

After you have attended you will be given a certificate of attendance. If you find yourself in court at a later date, you can demonstrate to the judge that you have taken a number of steps to try and improve your situation.

If you are a court-ordered attendee, we will notify the court you have attended but no other information will be passed on.