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Separated Parents Information Programme

A rallying cry has been issued to all professionals working with family breakdown by the CEO of England and Wales’ largest provider of family mediation.

National Family Mediation’s Jane Robey says the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) is an incredibly influential tool, helping those who attend to learn more about the challenges of post-separation parenting, with a particular focus on the perspective and needs of their children.

In a new article for Family Law, she explains how the SPIP works, and outlines its many benefits.

“It’s true to say that participants often find the prospect of attending an inconvenient nuisance at first,” she says, “but most who attend say they find it very helpful.”

She explains that the aim of the SPIP is to help separated parents:

  • Look at the journey they are on
  • Focus on what children feel and need
  • Focus on moving forward, and next steps

“The aim is to ensure adults put their children first when they are separating, despite what is often an ongoing dispute with their ex. It helps equip them with key principles of managing conflict and difficulties, including how to put these into practice in their own unique situation. It empowers participants to help themselves and, crucially, to help their kids.

“Time and again we hear parents say ‘if only we had known about this sooner’.”

She concludes with a rallying call to all those working in family breakdown “to act sooner rather than later. Help the families you work with achieve better outcomes for themselves and their children. Think ‘Mediation’ and ‘SPIP’ first, not last as is too often the case with the court process.

“This way we can help more families resolve their separation more quickly and amicably – and prevent the revolving door of contact applications to court.”

You can read the article in full here