NFM carries out DBS Advanced Checks on child inclusive mediators

National Family Mediation has become the first family mediation provider to put all of its child-inclusive mediators through the DBS Advanced Check.

The move comes in response to growing demand for NFM’s (National Family Mediation) services, particularly in relation to Child Inclusive Mediation, and forms part of the charity’s ongoing commitment to safeguarding its services users.

A DBS Advanced Check is commonly known as an Enhanced DBS Check, which is the most detailed level of DBS check possible for an employer to get on an applicant.

Commenting on the checks NFM’s CEO, Sarah Hawkins, said: “We are often working with families who are going through a difficult time and when they feel most vulnerable, and so it’s important to us to demonstrate that we take safeguarding matters seriously. The DBS checks on all of our child inclusive mediators forms part of that commitment.

“We have seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries and referrals that we receive over the last year or so, partly because of the introduction of the Government Mediation Voucher scheme, but also because people are far more familiar with the benefits of mediation in resolving conflict.

“What we have also noted in recent months is a much higher number of enquiries in relation to Child Inclusive Mediation.

“As you can imagine children also have concerns about the changes taking place in their family and will have worries about what lies ahead, for example where will they live, will they stay in the same house, and how will they see both of their parents.

“Child Inclusive Mediation gives children a voice and an opportunity to share their worries and concerns about their parent’s divorce or separation which is hugely beneficial in the long run.”

The Family Mediation Voucher Scheme offers a £500 contribution towards the cost of mediation for parties who may be able to resolve their family law disputes outside of court. 

In addition to the family mediation voucher scheme, Legal Aid also remains available for family mediation.