Mediator Placement Scheme

The South East London Family Mediation Bureau (SELFMB) has announced details of an innovative Mediator Practice Placement Scheme, and is now accepting applications from those interested in taking part.

SELFMB is a long established and pioneering family mediation service with a collegiate ethos, and is now offering a time-limited placement to observe 10 hours of mediation.

The scheme is designed to provide opportunities to increase experience and confidence to practice for recently-trained mediators who are working towards their FMCA Accreditation.*

This placement will provide an opportunity to observe different mediation styles and techniques practised by the Bureau’s eight accredited (FMCA) family mediators, who are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds, including family lawyers (both barristers and solicitors), academics, child counsellors, psychologists, social workers and family therapists.

The placement will also provide an opportunity to learn more about and observe the ‘Bromley Model’ of mediation.

There will an opportunity for a brief at the start and a de-brief at the end of each session, be it a MIAM (one hour), a joint MIAM (1.5 hours), or a mediation session (two hours).

The placement is expected to be completed within approximately four weeks. Please note that out-of-hours appointments are available on Tuesday evenings and alternate Saturdays.

Participants will be encouraged to keep a reflective log to record their observations and will be issued with a signed certificate from the Bureau to confirm participation in the programme and completion of 10 hours of case observation.

Costs and how to apply

The charge for the placement is £720.00, including VAT. The terms are set out in a Mediator Practice Placement Agreement which is available upon request.

Applicants are invited to send their CV, name of PPC and copy of PI insurance certificate to Andrew Sims, Service Manager, at


• *The latest post-training requirements from the Family Mediation Council state that ‘Before starting to mediate, [the mediator] either observes or co-mediates in a mediation session conducted by an FMCA mediator..’. The SELFMB placement programme comfortably exceeds this requirement of one session and restores it to its previous level (10 hours).
• The Bureau cannot supervise preparation of the participant’s portfolio for FMCA accreditation, nor will it be possible to use any case observed or co-worked in the 10 hour placement for purposes of the participant’s portfolio. It may be possible, however, to refer to observed cases in the reflective account.