Unlock Your Journey to Accreditation: Become a Certified Family Mediator!

This short self-study course is designed to guide you through the portfolio-building process and help you on your path to accreditation following your Family Mediation Training.  

Below is a guide to what is covered in the course :

  • Navigating the Portfolio Process: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the portfolio requirements and the standards set by the FMC.
  • Working with a PPC
  • Getting work as a mediator and observing cases
  • Learn how to gather and present compelling evidence that showcases your expertise and meets the rigorous standards expected of an accredited mediator.

This course is included in the package for anyone undertaking NFM’s Family Mediation Training programme from September 2023 onwards. 

Cost :   £50.00 for all other delegates

Duration : 1 hour & 30 minutes

You will need access to a computer and have a good level of computer literacy.  Please ensure you read and agree with our online training centre policy before you book your place

To book your space please complete the booking form below. If you are attending an NFM Family Mediation Training course access will be given once the course begins and you therefore do not need to complete this form.

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