‘Trusting the Process’ is designed around the two core processes that happen in each and every mediation. Firstly, there is the internal process of the mediator – the thoughts, feelings and judgements that arise more or less involuntarily as we do the work. Exploring how this process shapes and illuminates the choices we make is an essential mediator capacity.

The other process that is invariably present, is that of moving either toward or away from peace. Peace in this context is measured by the parties’ ability to arrive at an outcome that is both meaningful and sustainable. If clients don’t understand the demands of peace, then any agreement they reach is unlikely to survive out in the world.

The session is both informative and challenging. The aim is to provide a space to explore our practice through dialogue and reflection.

Date:  Monday 1 February 2021

10 am – 12 noon

Training facilitator: Michael Jacobs

Cost £50

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