This two-hour webinar will be delivered by Zoom video conference (link will be provided to confirmed delegates)

“The difference between a professional and a hack is not in their degree or training. Both may do what they do with polish: but the hack is not transformed by his experience from A Failure of Nerve, by Edwin Friedman

Mediation is never mechanical or habitual. What worked for one set of clients might well backfire spectacularly when applied to another. In this respect, mediation is far closer to an art-form than a technology. We have to improvise; to decide what needs to happen at this time, with these people and this situation.

Mediators don’t get to run on auto-pilot – and this kind of continual awareness can be exhausting. The requirement to pay attention, to stay awake to this moment is also potentially transformative. In this sense, mediation is a form of social artistry. We are asked to intervene in ways that increases the chance of resolution, of co-operation, of peace. What we bring to this process is echoed by what we can receive from it. This webinar seeks to explore both sides of that creative dynamic.

Date: Thursday 3 June 2021

10.00 am – 12 noon

Cost £50

Training facilitator: Michael Jacobs

Please note this course was originally due to take place on Friday 21 May, and has been rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances

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