Mediators will often work with clients facing mental health challenges. Poor mental health can cause someone not to cope with stress, not be able to take care of themselves and not maintain good relationships with others. However, generally speaking, people may have poor mental health but not necessarily a mental illness. A mental illness is a disorder that affects a person completely – in their thinking, mood, and behaviour and affects their day-to-day function.

Our specialised course, “Mental Health in Mediation,” equips mediators with a level of awareness around mental illness and helps them to assess suitability for mediation.

What you will learn :

  • Understanding Mental Health : Gain a deeper understanding of the common mental health conditions and their symptoms, and how these can affect an individual’s ability to cope with life.
  • In-depth Knowledge of Common Mental Illnesses: Explore detailed information about prevalent mental health disorders and their various symptoms, deepening your understanding of the diverse mental health landscape.
  • Effective Client Support Strategies : Acquire practical and compassionate ideas on supporting clients dealing with mental health disorders during mediation. Develop communication techniques and emotional support methods tailored to individual needs.
  • Assessing Suitability for Mediation : Learn essential skills and ideas on how to assess clients’ readiness for mediation in the context of mental illness.

A self-study distance learning course accessed via our online training centre and completed in your own time. Access to the course will be available for 1 month after course enrolment.  You will need access to a computer and have a good level of computer literacy.  Please ensure you read and agree with our online training centre policy before you book your place

Cost : £60.00

Duration : This course should take around 2 hours to complete

CPD Points : 4

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