Court or Family Mediation?

Court or Family Mediation?

If you have decided to divorce, end your civil partnership, or separate from your partner you don’t always have to go to court to resolve your disputes and agree arrangements for the future. For many Family Mediation can be a viable option and often the most cost-effective, less stressful and much faster route to take. Here’s a brief overview why :

🤝 Family Mediation:

Collaborative Approach: Mediation is a non-adversarial process. Mediation fosters communication and collaboration between parties, which is particularly helpful if there are children involved as parents will need to learn how to communicate and work together into the future.

Greater Control :  In mediation you have greater control over the process, than in a courtroom, where a judge would make all the decisions. The process allows families to keep control of their own destinies, rather than handing it over to the court to decide.  

Faster : Mediation can be arranged at your own convenience, rather than waiting for court dates and applications. Depending on the complexities of your case, you may be able to reach an agreement which works for you both in just a few sessions.

Cheaper : The average cost of going to court to for your divorce is almost £15,000, whereas family mediation can cost under £1,000 depending on the issues you are looking to resolve. The government also offers parents £500 towards family mediation to sort child arrangements and you may also be eligible for Legal Aid.

Less Stressful : Court involves a more confrontational process, with parties represented by lawyers advocating their positions, and parties can be pitted against each other. Mediation reduces the conflict in separation, divorce or dissolution of civil partnership. All our Family Mediators are trained in all aspects of family law and support people to reach an agreement on a fair solution that works for you both.

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