Fair Shares project

‘Fair Shares’ is a large-scale study of financial arrangements on divorce, which began early in 2021.

Over the summer the researchers involved, based at the University of Bristol, will be testing an online survey, and are looking for participants who have divorced in the past 12 months and would like to help the researchers understand more about how people sort out their money and property when they get divorced.

If you wanted to take part, you would complete the online survey (about 30 minutes to complete) and then take part in a follow-up interview with researchers, which should take around 45 minutes.

This interview will ask you what you thought about the survey. You will be given a £20 voucher after the interview as a thank you for taking part.

If you would like to take part, or find out more about taking part, please email the research team at [email protected]

Project background

Around 100,000 couples divorce annually in England and Wales, and the financial arrangements they make can determine the future standard of living that they and their children will have for many years to come.

Only a third of them use the legal system to sort out their finances, with the rest negotiating their own arrangements or, worse, reaching no settlement at all.

Very little is known about the detailed financial arrangements couples make, or how they work out.

This study aims to fill this gap to help shape the law and provide practical guidance to couples going through divorce in the future. It will also provide essential data to inform debates on legal reform and guidance for legal advisers and support providers to ensure the financial needs of families can be better met in the future.