An Interview with Alison Morgan, Director – MiD Mediation

As part of our 40th-anniversary celebrations, we spoke to Alison Morgan of MiD Mediation, one of NFM’s member services, about the benefits of being part of NFM, and how Family Mediation benefits families and her hopes for family mediation over the next 40 years.

What does being a member of NFM mean to you and your service?

It’s important for us to be a member of NFM so that we are able to get support, advice or training when we need it. It also allows us to be able to receive any new announcements regarding mediation at the earliest time possible.

How does your service benefit families?

We have 7 fully accredited mediators who run mediation for families to help them sort out parenting arrangements, finances or property concerns. We also offer legal aid for those families that are eligible financially.  

What do you think the most common misconception is about family mediation?

I think there are a lot of people that still don’t know much about family mediation and they immediately believe that court and divorce solicitors are the only answer when they are separating.  Many also don’t realise that you are able to get legal aid for family mediation.

NFM is now in its 40th year – how has family mediation changed over that time?

I think more people are aware of mediation although we still have a long way to go before it is recognised as being a main option.

What do you hope for the future of NFM and Family Mediation over the next 40 years?

I hope the NFM continues to be in a position to support other mediation services and to be listened to as an important national body representing mediation services.  That mediation becomes the normal way of handling more divorces/separations and the general public becomes more aware of the benefits of mediation. I’d like to see more people trained asmediators and the Ministry of Justice to recognise the importance of mediation and in turn, increase legal aid fees so that mediation is accessible to everyone. 

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