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UK’s EU divorce must not delay ‘no fault’ law

Arguments about the process underpinning the UK’s ‘divorce’ from the European Union must not be allowed to delay new ‘no fault divorce’ laws that would make it easier for couples to divorce. So says the largest provider of post-divorce solutions on parenting, money and property.

National Family Mediation fears the changes could become another victim of Brexit, while Parliamentarians struggle to agree terms of the UK’s ‘divorce’ from the EU.

Ministers have announced plans to legislate to introduce ‘no fault’ divorce, yet The Ministry of Justice has confirmed it will only happen “as soon as Parliamentary time allows”.

No fault divorce

National Family Mediation CEO, Jane Robey, says: “Plans to introduce ‘no fault’ divorce are very welcome, and long overdue. But our fear is they will become still more overdue as a result of the Parliamentary timetable being log-jammed, ironically by the UK’s own divorce – from the EU.

“Brexit delays must not be allowed to stop tens of thousands of couples who want to divorce being able to get on with it relatively painlessly, now that Ministers have set out plans to change the law.

“The current legal need to prove a spouse’s ‘unreasonable behaviour’ fuels bad feeling between a couple. Our experience is that couples who, for whatever reason, have decided to separate just want to get on with it and make a fresh start. Yet current laws where someone has to tick a box to show ‘fault’ mean cases that should be relatively simple instead escalate to full-blown courtroom battles, which help nobody – least of all the children involved.

“For each and every adult involved, the stress, time and expense involved is staggering, and this vital change should help many more parents settle their divorce or separation in a more mature and adult fashion than the current system allows.”