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Several years away from return to pre-LASPO mediation levels

National Family Mediation divorce

Commenting on new legal aid statistics from the Ministry of Justice, covering the first quarter of 2019, which show a small rise in mediation information and assessment meetings and mediation starts, Jane Robey, CEO of National Family Mediation said:

“These latest figures are very disappointing. It’s true they show MIAMs and mediation starts have risen slightly, but however you look at it, nine per cent of a low starting figure is a small figure.

“Time will tell if this upwards trajectory is sustained, but at this rate we are several years away from a return of mediation take-up to pre-LASPO levels – let alone seeing any positive new growth.

“One thing that would definitely help accelerate mediation levels is active promotion by government.

“Ministers need to make a renewed push on promoting family mediation if they seriously want the figures to rise.”

The full statistics can be found using this link