All fees are per person and include VAT. We take payment in advance of the meeting and will cancel if payment is not received. We will invoice you at the point of drafting mediation documents and send them out once payment is received.

Please see the separate page about applying for legal aid, including arrangements for waiving our usual pre-payment. If you are confirmed as eligible for legal aid at your MIAM, fees paid will be refunded.

Mediation Costs

Individual pre-mediation session (MIAM): £99 per person
The fee includes all letters and phone calls up to the start of mediation, meeting with the mediator and provision of forms for applying to court if mediation is not suitable (Form A / C100 / FM1)

Joint MIAM Session: £78 per person
The fee includes all letters and phone calls up to the start of mediation, meeting with the mediator and provision of forms for applying to court if mediation is not suitable (Form A / C100 / FM1)

Standard Mediation Session: £171 per person per session
The fee covers mediator time during the meeting and writing up time afterwards. If the mediator sends you a summary letter following your meeting, this is also included in the session fee. Sessions generally last up to 90 minutes

We don’t usually charge for letters, emails or phone calls during the course of mediation, apart from writing up your agreement. However, if the mediator is going to spend extra time on your case then we will look at whether a different fee structure is needed. We will always agree this with you prior to starting work or billing you. Please see below for our non-standard mediation fees.

Document Preparation Costs

Documents will be released once all fees due have been paid.

Drafting of Parenting Plan/Statement of Child Arrangements: £75 per person

Drafting of Open Financial Statement (financial mediation):£120 per person

Drafting of Memorandum of Understanding (financial mediation): £120 per person

Other fees

Interpreter services (per interpreter per session): £108

Cancellation fee: £30
-appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance
-failing to attend the appointment


Payment Terms

We accept payment by debit/credit card over the phone, BACS transfer to account no. 00023303 sort code 40-52-40 or cheque made payable to National Family Mediation.

Please contact us on 0300 4000 636 or email mediation@nfm.org.uk if you have any questions about your individual circumstances.

Non-standard mediation fees

Where we mediate with grandparents or any other instance where one or both parties to mediation is a couple: £228 per couple per session

Direct Consultation with Children: £200 per session
The fee is charged in addition to any other mediation fees and is usually split between parents at £100 each.

Co-mediation (two mediators): Standard per person/session fee, plus a third
Occasionally a complex mediation case may require two mediators, we will always agree this with you prior to starting mediation.

Shuttle Mediation: Variable
Mediation where clients are in separate rooms and the mediator “shuttles” between you. We will agree the additional costs with you prior to starting mediation.

Direct Consultation with Children (DCC)
Sometimes during mediation, parents decide that it will be helpful to ask their children for their views about some of the issues under discussion. This might include such matters as future contact arrangements and living arrangements. These sessions allow the views of children to be heard and included in family mediation. This often helps the parents to make informed decisions about their children’s futures.

This typically takes three sessions:

1. A planning session with the parents alone

2. A session where the mediator meets with the children on their own.

3. A further session where the mediator feeds back to the parents the views of the children

C100/ FM1/ Form A
Before making an application to Court, you must first attend a MIAM session with a mediator. If it is decided that mediation is not suitable at the moment we can issue the mediator certified page of the appropriate court form – usually a C100, FM1 or Form A.

MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting)
This is a pre-mediation appointment with one of our mediators. It helps us find out about your current situation and gives you a chance to find out more about mediation before deciding if you want to proceed. If for some reason mediation is not suitable, the mediator will be able to discuss the other options available to you in seeking to resolve matters. You will need to attend one of these meetings before you can make a Court application.

Parenting Plan/Statement of Child Arrangements
This document records all of the arrangements you have agreed with regard to your children. It may typically include such things as your pattern of contact with your children, any payments you will be making/ receiving, holiday periods or other important events for your children.

Open Financial Statement (OFS)
This is a record of your joint financial disclosure and is used by both clients as an agreed statement of the assets and liabilities that have been disclosed during your mediation sessions.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Your mediator will write this for you at the end of mediation if you have mediated about finances and property. It records all of the arrangements you have agreed during the course of your mediation sessions.