NFM applauds generosity of donors supporting child-inclusive mediation

For the second successive year, National Family Mediation (NFM) was chosen to be official charity partner at The Family Law Awards, which took place on 25 November 2020.

The charity sincerely thanks all who kindly made donations towards its child-inclusive mediation work, directly and through the NFM JustGiving crowdfunding page.

Covid restrictions meant this year’s prestigious event, which celebrates the success and achievements of family lawyers, and the contribution they make to society, was held virtually.

NFM’s CEO, Jane Robey, said: “The nature of this year’s event was very different to the usual in-person awards dinner, but it was an honour for NFM to again be nominated as charity partner.

“We are most grateful to all those who generously donated to support our child-inclusive family mediation work.

“This will be used to help empower children facing huge challenges when their parents are divorcing or separating.

“Child-inclusive mediation gives children a stake in shaping their own futures and keeps parents focussed on their children’s needs.

“Thank you to all who contributed for your important recognition and contribution to this work.”

You can read more about the event, including details of those who won awards, on the Family Law Awards 2020 website.