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NFM’s style of mediation gives you time to express yourself. We understand this is a difficult time. Our mediators will not rush you to solutions, or push you to make a hasty agreement. They focus on ensuring the outcome is truly what both people believe is best in the circumstances.  

Because of our experience and expertise providing mediation you will be surprised at the level of agreement you can achieve. Only in exceptional cases is no agreement reached.

Our fully qualified mediators are trained in all aspects of family law, and we are the leading training providers for family mediators. 

We help families resolve all the practical, legal, emotional and financial issues that arise from separation, helping families make long-lasting arrangements that benefit everyone in the family, especially their children. 

Our mediators are trained to include children in mediation, where it is appropriate to do so. They also have considerable financial know-how to help you resolve money issues.

NFM is the largest provider of family mediation in England and Wales. We have over 30 years’ experience in delivering expert professional family mediation.

NFM is local to you: our network works in over
500 locations across England and Wales. 

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