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What is the mediator’s role?

Family mediators do not express a point of view or make a value judgement. The mediator is neutral during the process. Their expertise and experience allow them to give information and understanding of the legal and financial issues involved and guide you to the best legal solution in your case.  

The mediator’s job is to make you aware of the things you each need to do to achieve a legal separation. The mediator helps you to gather the information, facilitate the discussions, and help you develop options and solutions.  

You can think of the mediator as the chair of the meeting, guiding people through their agenda, ensuring each can express and spell out their thoughts and suggestions without interruption  

The mediator is there to help the discussion, and ensure each person has time and space to put their views across and to keep the discussions productive and safe. 

Family mediators do not express a point of view, or make a value judgement. . Their expertise and experience allows them to give information to help you understand the legal and financial issues involved and guide you to the best legal solution in your case.

Mediators are able to draw on their experience of what other people have done in similar circumstances and to help you look at the pros and cons of any particular course of action. 

Decisions made will be noted by the mediator, and each of you will receive a written summary of these, along with any proposals that have yet to be agreed, and any actions that need to follow. 

It means you don’t need to take notes and can concentrate on the discussion and create your own solutions for your separated futures.  

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