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We will need your benefit letter confirming you receive: 

  • Income Support
  • Income Based JSA
  • Income Based ESA
  • Universal Credit
  • Guarantee Credit

These must be dated within the last six months.

If you are employed…
  1. Your most recent payslip(s) – bring payslips covering a whole month if you are paid weekly
  2. Bank statement(s) –each account money you live on is paid into (salary, benefits, business or other income)
  3. Your most recent letter confirming the amount of Tax Credits you receive.

If you are self-employed or own a business…
  1. Bank statement(s) – each account money you live on is paid into (salary, benefits, business or other income)
  2. Your most recent letter confirming the amount of Tax Credits you receive
  3. Invoice/cash book or working accounts
  4. Latest self-assessment tax return or latest audited accounts.

If you receive an income based benefit…

Benefit notification or most recent letter notifying a change in benefit amount. The letter must be less than six months old and state which benefit you receive.

If your letter is more than six months old then please also send your most recent bank statement, which will show that your benefit is still in payment


Ask the DWP or Jobcentre Plus to provide you with a letter confirming you are still in receipt of your benefit.

Additional evidence about your living arrangements

We will also need information about your rent/mortgage payments, payments you are making for child care and any savings or investments you have.

If you own your home you will need to have a rough idea of its current value and the amount of equity/mortgage you have.

If you receive child support or spousal maintenance this also counts as income, even if the payment is by way of direct payments for bills, rent or mortgage.

We also need to take account of any financial help given by friends and relatives.

We will keep a copy of any documents provided and return the originals to you.

What will the family mediator do?

The mediator will do the calculation based on your income in the month up to the date of your assessment meeting.

This means we will need paperwork covering that period – if you are unable to provide this we may not be able to complete the assessment.

Audit of files

Our files are kept for six years and the Legal Aid Agency may ask to audit legally aided cases at any point during that time to ensure that our paperwork and office processes are in order.

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