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How do I get Legal Aid for family mediation?

The mediator will complete a form called a CIVMEANS7 at your initial MIAM meeting, which you will then sign and date. This helps us calculate your income and outgoings – documents confirming your income need to be brought to your meeting and attached to the form.  

As a guide, you may be eligible if: 

  • You receive Income Support, Universal Credit, income based JSA, incomebased ESA, Pension Guarantee Credit
  • You live on your own and your household income is less than £17,000 p.a.
  • You live with a partner and/or dependent children and your household income is less than £21,000 p.a.

We usually require pre-payment for all our meetings – please see fees and payment terms using this link. Once your Legal Aid assessment is complete, and you are confirmed as eligible we will refund your fee – in most instances, this is the full amount you paid prior to your assessment.  

We make no up-front charges if you receive one of the income-based benefits set out below – simply send the income evidence required for your assessment to FREEPOST, NATIONAL FAMILY MEDIATION or email a copy to 

If you currently have a partner and you live together, we will need information about their income too, as set out below. 

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