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Children & Teens

As a child can I have a say in family mediation?

Yes, you can. Now your parents have decided to separate you will have a lot of questions about what happens next, where you will live, when you will see your parents, extended family and friends? And you will probably want to know how it is all going to work.

 If it’s difficult to talk to your parents and they seem to be arguing or ignoring how you feel about the changes ask them to consider mediation. It will help them to have a more constructive discussion about what happens next now their relationship has ended. And you will have an opportunity to talk about your own worries and concerns.

 If your parents are already in mediation tell them you would like to be included.

If your parents end up in court a judge will expect your views to be taken into consideration. Especially if you are aged 10 years and older although younger children can also be included. You can do the same in mediation, after all, the decisions that your parents are making will have an impact on your life.

You can use this link to read more about child inclusive mediation.

You can call us to ask for a meeting with a mediator.