LOOP – Separating Services Online

Managing your separation or divorce through mediation can help to save time, money and much of the stress associated with traditional legal services and processes.

Through LOOP you are also able to formalise the decisions you have made, including what you want to do about finance, property and children matters with access to expert legal advice from a panel of qualified solicitors.

Using the same collaborative approach that is used in mediation means you avoid the hassle of hiring individual solicitors, which can lead to emotionally draining legal battles and ever-escalating costs. You can also avoid the uncertainty and expense of court proceedings, where a judge makes decisions based only on paperwork. With LOOP you can ensure your individual circumstances and needs are considered, and the outcomes are tailored to you.

Why Choose LOOP?

Affordable : For a fixed cost of just £750 you can access high-quality legal advice, without compromising on the quality or fairness of your outcomes.

Efficient : Speed up your divorce or separation journey and reach resolutions faster, by avoiding drawn-out and emotionally draining legal battles.

Amicable : Keep things calm and friendly with our collaborative approach. LOOP encourages open discussions, making it easier to reach peaceful agreements.

Using LOOP prevents costs from spiralling out of control and keeps the process smooth and cooperative, whilst ensuring your agreements are fair and legally sound.

How LOOP Works

With LOOP, the issues you discuss in mediation are shared with a legal expert on the LOOP panel*. All LOOP legal professionals are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and have experience in family law. This legal expert will provide you with a range of viable options to consider, all of which are designed to meet the standards of fairness that a court would uphold.

  1. Data Drafting : With your permission your mediator will share relevant anonymised financial and personal data with a qualified solicitor on the LOOP panel.
  2. Expert Option Drafting : The solicitor will review the information provided and will draft a comprehensive financial report and provide options tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring fairness and meeting your needs.
  3. Resolution : With the solicitors’ impartial options, our mediators will guide you through discussions of these options, helping you to reach an agreement quickly and amicably.
  4. Finalising your agreement : Once you agree, your mediator will formalise your final mediation documents. Then you have the choice to choose your own solicitor or collaborate with the LOOP Legal professional to finalise the agreement into a legally binding document**.

To find out more speak to your mediator, email us or call on 0300 4000 636 to discover how LOOP can transform your divorce or separation journey.

Experience a more amicable and affordable separation with LOOP Legal Services.

* NFM work in partnership with Separating Ltd who provide access to the legal professionals on the LOOP panel.

** If you wish the legal professional to finalise your agreement into a legal document this service will cost an additional £750.

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