NFM’s PPC training programme offers suitably experienced family mediators the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a supervisor. PPCs have a crucial role in supporting family mediators throughout their careers and monitoring and maintaining professional standards and practice requirements.

Booking: For this course, the applicant also has to get their PPC to complete part of the form and sign it, which is why for this course alone we use a downloadable booking form rather than an online form. Completed application forms must be submitted by email to training support at the email address below.

This course is unique both because it is delivered online, enabling participants to undertake the training at times and at a pace suited to them without the cost and inconvenience of travel, and because it is assessed throughout. The course consists of four units; each with one or more assessed assignments, and each unit must be successfully completed before continuing to the next. This ensures that by the end of the training, the new PPC will have demonstrated the high standards necessary to fulfil this complex and demanding role and practise according to the FMC requirements and MQM standards.

NFM also provides courses for qualified PPCs to develop their understanding and practice as consultants – details can be found in CPD Training. The new NFM online distance learning course allows participants to train at their own pace (while saving the cost of time and travel). The course consists of 4 units and 5 assignments.

Before booking please do read our online training policy.

Course Aims:

  • To equip PPCs with the skills and knowledge to effectively supervise mediators
  • To provide PPCs with an understanding of the role of supervisor in family mediation
  • To provide PPCs with the skills and strategies to undertake the role within a service

Costs: £420 NFM members; £475 non-members

To apply or find out more information, please contact NFM National Office on 0300 4000 636 or email [email protected]

For further information, please download the following documents:

PPC Course Outline

PPC Course Application Form