Are you a mediator looking to enhance your practice and create an inclusive environment for all clients? This course delves into the world of neurodiversity, equipping you with the knowledge and skills on working with neurodivergent clients during mediation sessions.

This course will help you by :

  • Unveiling Neurodiversity : Understand what neurodiversity means and look at aspects of research that can help inform the process of mediation.
  • Understand the Neurodivergent Experience : Discover the challenges and perspectives that neurodivergent clients might experience during mediation.
  • Improve your ability as a mediator to be inclusive of neurodivergent clients

This course comprises an online learning module of approximately 20 minutes, followed by a live webinar lasting 1.5 hours. To maximise your learning experience, it is vital to complete the online module prior to attending the live webinar. Allocate ample time to immerse yourself in the content and prepare for a rich discussion.

You will need access to a computer and have a good level of computer literacy.  Please ensure you read and agree with our online training centre policy before you book your place

Date : Live Webinar – Wednesday 26th July 2023 – 9.30am-11.00am (online module c.20 minutes must be completed before this date)

Cost : £50.00

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