This two-hour webinar will be delivered by Zoom video conference (link will be provided to confirmed delegates)

Most mediation clients have little awareness of how mediation works or what they could or should do to maximise their chance of a mutual outcome. This often means that they re-enact all the behaviours that got them stuck in conflict in the first place.

As mediators, we help our clients figure out how to make best use of the process that we are offering them. Doing so means that we need to spend time to prepare and coach them to understand what they should and shouldn’t do to negotiate most effectively. Otherwise we risk leaving clients exposed and unaware of how mediation works, and this seems both unfair and unkind: neither of which sits comfortably as part of our job description. Figuring out how to equip those we work with to make better use of the process not only makes our work easier, it also potentially equips mediation clients with skills they will need as they move on with their lives.

Date: Tuesday 20 July 2021

10.00 am – 12 noon

Cost £50

Training facilitator: Michael Jacobs

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