Divorce legislation successfully passes second reading

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill passed its second reading in The House of Commons on 25 June 2019, without a division. The next stage is for it to be considered in detail by a Public Bill Committee.

Jane Robey, CEO of National Family Mediation, said: “The successful second reading of this important Bill reinforces broad agreement that it is high time for the introduction of ‘no fault’ divorce.

“Our primary concern remains for quick progress of the Bill through Parliament.

“As the leading provider of family mediation in England and Wales, our experience is that couples who, for whatever reason, have decided to separate just want to get on with it and make a fresh start.

“The current legal requirement for someone to show ‘fault’ to make a divorce happen fuels bad feeling between a couple. It means relatively simple cases between couples all too easily escalate to full-blown courtroom battles, which help nobody, least of all the children.

“It feels that the government is at last taking vital steps to help parents settle their divorce or separation in a more mature and adult fashion than the current system allows.”