Christmas Survival Guide for Separated Families

The festive season is drawing closer and for many, the run-up to the big day is filled with cheerful anticipation and excitement. However, for some separated families, the build-up to Christmas isn’t a time of joy, especially for those experiencing a separated Christmas for the first time. There will also be the added pressure this year to make up for last year, where the pandemic meant we all experienced a slightly different Christmas to what we had planned.

Across the land, there are separated parents who are dreading Christmas, but by acting soon and agreeing plans now, parents, and their children can have a positive and enjoyable Christmas as possible.

Mediation can help separated parents to agree a parenting plan. An agreement made by parents which covers how the children will be supported and cared for during the festive period and beyond. Family mediators can help bring parents together, building on the common ground and shaping a plan that points the way ahead for the good of all family members, especially the children.

However, there are also some things you can do now to help ease the pressure. Download our Christmas survival guide and Parenting Schedule for separated families here. 

Or if you would prefer to use mediation, you can come and talk to us as soon as possible. We will book an initial pre-mediation meeting (MIAM) with you both separately before booking a joint mediation appointment you will attend together. Our family mediators will be working right up to 23rd December, but our mediator slots quickly get booked up, so the sooner you book in the better. Most of our appointments are taking place online through a secure meeting portal and you can book an appointment here.