Why NFM Supports The Build Back Childhood Campaign

NFM is proud to support the Children’s Commissioner and the National Children’s Bureau in their #BuildBackChildhood campaign – a plea to the government to invest through the comprehensive spending review in children and young peoples futures that have been so badly affected by the pandemic.

Children who experience their parent’s separation or divorce are doubly affected. Not only do they have to contend with the setbacks of the last 18 months they also have to learn how to navigate a new future with their now separated parents. As a family mediation provider, we know only too well the impact family breakdown can have on children especially where parents are in conflict and unable to work effectively together. The impact of divorce often surfaces first in either health or education, where anxieties are expressed as tummy ache, a headache or worse tearfulness, anxiety or anger as they worry about what their future will be. If left unresolved these problems can become more serious and have longer-lasting effects for the children’s future in failed attainment or referral to camhs.

Children who come into family mediation with their parents leave with a sense of relief that their parents have agreed; that they know what their future will be; that they know their parents still care for them and want the best for them and feedback from parents and children is overwhelmingly positive about their experiences in mediation that helped them all find a way through the turbulent waters of relationship breakdown into calmer waters.

Agreements reached in mediation are known to be more durable and long-lasting than court-imposed decisions, and the numbers of people who reach an agreement are high. Our agreement rates average 83% so there is every chance that by going to mediation you too will reach an agreement.

For more information about including children in mediation and giving them a voice about their future contact us on 0300 4000 636 or email [email protected] or book an appointment. Click here to read more about including children in mediation.