National Family Mediation has more 30 years of experience of working with families affected by relationship breakdown. This accumulated knowledge is vitally important in helping us to deliver high-quality family mediation and support services, evidence-based products, including publications, training and web services, for both professionals and families.

National Family Mediation uses strong evidenced based research to inform service delivery. We combine and compare our findings in current practice with the existing evidence base through comprehensive literature searches, which assist us to regularly evaluate the many products and services we offer, refining them and keeping them up to date and relevant. This includes using rigorous methods of investigation and analysis such as randomised controlled trials to assess our new programmes and measure their impact. We regularly collect statistical data from our member services to ensure that we keep on top of trends in the family field including how national and global trends are impacting our clients base.

We cover a range of topics within the families and relationships field, focusing on the consequences of relationship breakdown (and how to reduce the negative impacts this can have on adults and children) as well as help sustain positive relationships within and outside of the family.

National Family Mediation encourages and adopts an early intervention approach. We are particularly focused on clients having access to robust, up-to-date and relevant information at the soonest point where separation becomes a possibility, as well as to support clients in assessing and analysing their options before they embark on the separation process.

National Family Mediation's aim is to help resolve conflict in relationships, its effects on parents and children, and effectively work with couples to minimise the negative effects of conflict. With an increased profile online, we are becoming increasingly adept in conducting web based research, including online polls, focus groups and interviews.

We regularly collaborate with other organisations and institutions who conduct research. We have recently teamed up with academics from the University of Exeter and the University of Kent in the Mapping Paths to Family Justice – A National Picture of Findings on Out of Court Family Dispute Resolution.

See our research list for latest and historial publications, published books, research, and journal articles.

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