DNA, drug and alcohol testing

Sometimes a DNA, drug or alcohol test might be an agreed way forward by couples looking to establish contact arrangements for the children following separation, divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership. Progession of mediation and any agreements made in this regard might be subject to this type of test.

  • A paternity/DNA test may be conducted as part of an agreement in mediation or if it is crucial to furthering the mediation, e.g.. contact will be allowable if a client proves to be the father. Therefore, if the mediation concerns contact, then determining paternity is a key element in taking forward the mediation, and so the DNA test would progress the mediation
  • For drug and alcohol testing, it is wise for clients to carefully consider the purpose of the tests, their relevance and how the results will be interpreted and used. Sometimes clients might agree in mediation to have these tests conducted, and, following the results, be happy to agree a contact arrangement relating to their children. 

National Family Mediation (NFM) is pleased to work in partnership with DNA Worldwide Group to provide all NFM clients with the UK’s most accurate, fully accredited DNA, drug and alcohol testing service. In addition to the quality and fast serviced offered all NFM clients will receive a discount of testing conducted by DNA Worldwide. Depending on your circumstances and Legal Aid Agency requirements, legal aid funding may be available to help with the cost of all or part of the testing fees.

How accurate is the testing?

DNA Worldwide is the UK’s most accurate DNA Testing company looking at up to 46 DNA Markers compared to other labs which look at just 16 markers. In addition their range of drug and alcohol testing offers some of the lowest levels of detection worldwide – meaning our Hair Drug and Alcohol testing is extremely accurate.

All testing is conducted in ISO:17025 accredited facilities and confidentiality is assured.

How do I order a test?

The first step is to speak to your local NFM service or by calling the central NFM 0300 4000 636.

How much does it cost?

NFM and DNA Worldwide offer special rates for testing to establish paternity as well as drug and alcohol historic abuse for all NFM customers. Your local mediation service will be able to provide full details.


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