Welcoming a new report from the charity Gingerbread, showing the child maintenance system is failing to ensure children get the level of support they are entitled to, National Family Mediation CEO Jane Robey, said:
“At present the system encourages separated parents to play ‘cat and mouse’ with each other and with the Child Maintenance system. The net result is poorer children.
 “Parents need to be given a genuine opportunity to try and speak with each other about the vital money matters that affect their child’s future after separation. 
"Agreements can be made in family mediation, and we know they are much more likely to work for everyone involved. Parents who work together after separation focus their efforts on helping their children prosper despite their separation.
“The report indicates a range of measures are used by some parents to deny their children support they’re entitled to. 
“Whatever tactics they employ the outcome is poorer children, denied the support that is theirs by right at a time they most need it.
“Government backing for greater use of family mediation would help save hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money.
“We support calls for the new government to outline a strategy to tackle this huge problem. We are ready and willing to add our voice and expertise to the new approach that is so badly needed.”
The Gingerbread report, Children deserve more, was published on 26 June 2017 and found that in too many cases, loopholes in the Child Maintenance Service mean that non-resident parents are only paying a fraction of what they should.

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