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National Family Mediation is the largest provider of family mediation in England and Wales as well as the Channel Islands.

On average, the National Family Mediation network:

  • Receives over 80,000 enquiries per year, 20% of these come directly through to NFM National Office.
  • Receives 40,000 formal referrals per year. Traditionally these have mainly come from solicitors, but as the family landscape and legislation changes, many more people are being referred from Citizens Advice Bureax or self-referring.
  • conducts 36,000 introductory meetings (and average of 3,000 meetings per month), which we call a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM). This is an hour meeting with either one or both clients (either a couple, family members or those holding a dispute) which includes a legal aid assessment, an opportunity for the client(s) toexplain their situation and the mediator to ask questions in order to conduct an assessment about whether mediation would be an appropriate intervention and other options which might be helpful to the client(s).
  • 59% of MIAMs delivered in 2012/13 were legally aided and 41% are privately funded (mostly self/client-funded). In 2011/12 the number of legally aided MIAMs were higher at 68% and privately (mostly self/client) funded at 32%.
  • Conducts on average 16,000 Mediation Starts of which 89% went on to close successfully (agreement on all or some issues) in 2012/13. In many cases where MIAMs were delivered, clients did not progress to full mediation because of the effect the legal aid cuts and the pre-application protocol had on applications to court, and the refusal of the second party to attend mediation following a MIAM.
  • Out of 16,000 Mediations conducted in 2012/13, 56% relate to children’s issues (contact, residence, holiday, school and medical arrangements etc.); 20% about property (rent, mortgage, property etc.)and financial issues (bank accounts, stocks, shares, businesses, pensions etc.) and 24% about all issues (children, property and finance).
  • Out of 16,000 Mediation conducted in 2012/13, 34% of mediations had one legally aided party, 26% were both legally aided and 40% were privately funded (mostly self/client funded). In 2011/12 35% mediations had one legally aided party, 31% were both legally aided and 34% were privately funded (mostly self/client funded). This demonstrates the changes in accessing legal aid as well as increases in people paying for mediation out of their own pockets.

National Family Mediation saw both its referral numbers and initial information meeting (MIAM) numbers increase by 10% from January to March 2013, compared to the same period in 2012.

National Family Mediation received 42,000 new visitors to its website in Q3 of 2012/13 (September - December 2013)

Statistics sourced from NFM National Data Collection Period August 2012 - July 2013


Finance sml
If you have decided to separate or divorce, family mediation can help you make arrangements for joint property, finance and children. 




Separating Couple






If you are separating you need to make a number of vital decisions about the future. Family mediation can help you. 




Professional sml
Family mediation can help you maintain a civil relationship with your ex, and communicate well with your children to meet their needs.



Children and Teens

Children and teenagers
If your parents are splitting up you'll want to know how it will affect you, and what you can do about it. Meeting with a family mediator is an option. 


Friends and Family

Friends sml

If you want to support a friend or relative whose family is going through separation, family mediation is a good place to start. 



Parents sml
Family mediation can help Grandparents who are worried that a break-up means their relationship with their Grandchildren can't continue. 


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