Maria and Levi

Having experienced the devastating effect of her sister’s acrimonious divorce two years earlier, Maria Bell, 34, decided mediation was worth investigating when she and her partner Levi, 36, separated, if only for the sake of their children – 8 year old Isabella and 10 year old Cora. Friends had also recommended the process.  
“We were all emotionally drained by my sister’s divorce” says Maria. “There were long drawn out legal proceedings, spiteful behaviour, backbiting, traumatized children and a massive legal bill at the end of it all.  We’re a close-knit family but my sister’s divorce caused enormous divisions within the wider family.   We knew we had to have the courage to try an alternative for our own children once we realised our relationship was over.
“We were in a real mess to begin with” acknowledges Levi, “but we stuck it out. Now, we’ve both come to terms with the future and the children know we’re there for them. I wouldn’t have believed we could achieve so much in such a short time.”
After a short series of mediation sessions, Maria and Levi made agreements about family finances, including the mortgage they had taken on their three-bedroomed terrace Midlands home, and what would happen to the modest savings they had managed to make during their time together. 
They also found a way to agree that both would be able to spend good quality time with Isabella and Cora.
“Our mediator was so professional and so calm,” added Levi. “It seemed to us like there was a massive amount that we had to sort out but the mediator was experienced and she helped us sort out all the issues we had to deal with like mortgages and pensions. 
“Most importantly she helped us come to an agreement about our children’s future and the kids seem much happier now they have accepted life has changed, but mum and dad are still both there for them.”
This is a real case study from our trained mediators, though names have been changed to protect identities
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