Following the publication of the ‘Finding Fault?’ report by The Nuffield Foundation CEO of National Family Mediation, Jane Robey, said:
“The new ‘Finding Fault’ report confirms the original findings of the 1990 Law Commission report. Yet here we are nearly three decades on with no sign of progress on much-needed reform to our outdated divorce laws.
“In addition the government has also told the Law Commission there are no plans to reform the marriage laws anytime soon, so people at the beginning and end of their relationships have to deal with obsolete and out of date laws that aren’t fit for purpose.
“Once again, overdue reform to archaic law has been kicked into touch.
“For a government that portrays itself as putting families at the bedrock of society, reforming these obsolete laws should be a priority.”
Stressing the need for change, Jane Robey called on the experience of family mediators in the NFM network, the largest in England and Wales:
“We know from experience that very often a couple that has decided to separate just wants to get on with it, so they can make a fresh start. Yet outdated laws that mean someone has to be proved at fault creates a bidding war which then often escalates to a full-blown courtroom battle,” she said.
“This is a huge issue. Over 100,000 couples divorce each year. For each and every adult involved, let alone the children, the stress, time and expense involved is staggering.”
The Nuffield Foundation Finding Fault project aimed to explore how the current law regarding divorce and civil partnership dissolution operates in practice and to inform debate about whether and how the law might be reformed. 
2. The Law Commission published ‘The Ground for Divorce’ in 1990 
3. Reports indicating Ministers have ruled out change to marriage laws include this

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