NFM Videos Promoting Family Mediation

A Guide to Mediation - MIAMs and Mediation Explained

Mediation has increasingly been recognised and used as a way of settling disputes when couples are separating or divorcing. This is a short film illustrating what happens in mediation and the preparation meeting, a mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM).

Regular contact with both parents for younger children

Regular, positive contact with both parents is the best way to bring up children when parents separate. Tanya Victor went to mediation with the father of her daughter, Georgia, and talks about how it has improved life for all of them. John Hickman talks to his children everyday using FaceTime.
Property and finance video

Property and finance

Family mediation helped Martin and Steven come to an amicable arrangement over property and pensions when their civil partnership broke down. Brenda and her husband divorced using mediation, and they still live in the same house.

Finances in divorce

Terry and Susan Selby are divorcing after 30 years of marriage. Mediation has saved them thousands of pounds by sorting out a problem with their pension that neither of their solicitors had spotted.
Older children parent contact video

Older children maintaining contact with both parents

Tricia Mason went to family mediation 15 years ago. She talks about how her two children have regular contact with their father. Her daughter Kate grew up with her parents living apart, and she talks about how important it has been for her to have contact with both parents over the years.


Family Mediation worked for my family and I

This video explains how using family mediation can assist your family through breakdown with as little distress and acrimony as possible. This video shows previous clients speaking about their mediation experience and why it worked for them and how it helped their family.


Is Family Mediation for me?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what options lie before you when you separate or divorce. Find out in this video if Family Mediation is an option which might be appropriate for your situation.

Videos About Court Process


Making an application to Court

Video guidance for separating parents putting in an application to court.

This includes the expectation for parties to have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) prior to submitting the application.

attending a first hearing at court for family disputes

What can I expect at my First Hearing in Court?

Video guidance for separating parents attending the first hearing at court. 


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